ATM Solutions


The first Automated Teller Machine was used in 1939. Nowadays, there are about 1.5 million devices installed worldwide.
This fast growth, however, brought up increasing security issues.
ATM have been more and more attacked by criminals who perceive them as an easy target.

We offer Ink Staining ATM Solutions that increase security and reduce the odds of successful attacks.
ATM Ink Staining System has proven to be the most effective solution compared to other method of increased protection. It activates immediately at the scene of crime making the time a difficult barrier to overcome. This combined with useless stained money drives away the criminals’ focus from ATM.

VILLIGER solutions are based on multivendor approach – regardless of the brand of your ATM we can equip it with ink protection.

In addition we offer also wide range of cash in transit solutions that provide security throughout the whole cash logistics cycle.