VILLIGER SECURITY SOLUTIONS AG, established in 1988, belongs to the leading manufacturers of intelligent security solutions.

By “intelligent security solutions” we mean systems designed in a preventive manner that helps avoiding worst-case scenarios and robberies. This is achieved by early signalling – and possibly activation – of cash ink staining facilities. Such systems are also known as intelligent banknote neutralisation systems (IBNS). Our customer base includes well-known globally operating CIT vendors, banks, and manufacturers of cash handling devices, retailers as well as governmental institutions like postal services, for example. Through a qualified sales and service network which is available worldwide, we are ensuring a sustained support service for our solutions.


The VILLIGER HQ is located 30 km south of Zurich in Sins, a village between Zurich and Lucerne.

The manufacturing of the VILLIGER products is performed with components delivered by carefully chosen, international companies.

Thus we are capable of timely deliveries of high-quality products also in big quantities.  

If you wish to see our manufacturing site and all our products in our Show Room, please visit us at your earliest convenience.


Swiss Quality

 Our customers should be safe and their cash secure. We help them reducing their costs. 

Peter Villiger

Switzerland in Europe