1988 Opt2

VILLIGER SECURITY SOLUTIONS AG was founded by Peter Villiger 25 years ago in 1988.

Peter Villiger bought a Swiss company, already existing for 4 years on the market, which had produced security cash systems. He is the only CEO in the industry who has this continuity and experience. Peter‘s motivation is to reduce the number of attacks on cash transports to zero helping his customers to make profit.


1989 - Ink protection implementation



In 1989 banknotes were mainly transported in jute bags. Armed security was therefore necessary.

The idea behind it was to make it hard for the criminals to get to the money.  VILLIGER started developing systems based on the principle of invalidating the money. This was achieved using ink that is activated as soon as the case is attacked or opened by force.

In 1989 the first VILLIGER cash case with ink protection implemented the principle of removing the value of the cash in case of attack. It was the first security case with ink and safe bag ripper worldwide.

Continuously the security systems have been improved and extended during the last twenty five years.

VILLIGER was the first company to introduce the combination of ink and heat, allowing also the destruction of banknote bundles transported in bags.

1989 - First cases started to be used in Switzerland.



1990 - Brink’s Belgium bought more than 3600 cases

1990 Opt2

Brink’s Belgium bought more than 3 600 cases- that were being used for more than 10 years without a single robbery.

Also Brink’s and G4S in Luxemburg decided for VILLIGER cases – almost 500 cases used for 14-15 years without any attacks.


1991 - Pavement Solutions


The first Pavement Solutions from VILLIGER were introduced to Germany.

During the crises of 90’s in Sweden the robberies and attacks on CIT increased significantly. The only system approved and recommended by CIT unions were VILLIGER solutions. In these difficult times 1.5 million transports were made with VILLIGER cases.  

In general, VILLIGER has the biggest number of pavement transport done with the ink protected cases- these number amounts to 750’000’000 transports in last 20 years.

Nowadays, VILLIGER is developing new generation of intelligent banknotes neutralisation systems (IBNS) based on the successful and efficient VCC case which main advantages are light weight, keyless solution, user and service friendliness and revolutionary price.


2000 - The first ATM protected with VILLIGER solution


All of the above was as a result of close cooperation with our clients whose needs and requirements were always the most important.


2012 - We launched the innovative cash deposit device - minipayin logo


We launched the innovative cash deposit device - minipayIn. This machine is improved and upgraded version of Safe Cube- developed by Shopsafe in partnership with VILLLIGER - that has been a successful Retailer Solution since 2008.