Criminals hate ink!

The VILLIGER Ultimate Security Ink was especially designed in order to:

  • Prevent crime
  • prevent the use of stolen cash
  • Help in identifying stolen cash and valuables in transit
  • Be safe in handling

…and even more important:

  • Provide a direct forensic link to evidence the perpetrators

Villiger Security Ink

There are Security Inks available in a Standard Version, fulfilling all requirements for a successful and irreversible staining of banknotes. To allow for the detectability and traceability of a single stained note back to its origin we offer other non-forensic security marker systems in combination with the standard penetrating ink. For this application, the different markers were selected from different so-called attribute-groups and thus represent different levels of security and complexity. The forensic level is covered with the VILLIGER ULTIMATE SECURITY INK.


Primary Attribute Markers

The very special colour tone is very distinct to conventional products and thus can be considered already as a primary attribute. We apply different colours for each product family.


Secondary Attributes

The ink equipped with a very robust Audio signalling marker interacts with Infra-Red light. The marker is invisible to the human eye and thus does not modify the appearance and properties of the ink. Special apparatuses for detection will be provided and allow for an instant detection. Conventional staining inks do not give a signal with the respective detection unit.

The luminescence marker is invisible to the human eye but appears with a bright colour when irradiated with UV-lamps (365 nm). The marker absorbs light in the UV-spectral range but emits visible light. It resists washout and is easy to detect for Bank Tellers or Cashiers with existing detection technique. The luminescence is very obvious even for little stains and an untrained eye.

Tertiary attributes

DNA Stands For Do Not Attempt

Trusted and depended upon by law enforcement around the world, DNA is the “Gold Standard” of forensic evidence. Used by the FBI, Interpol and forensic labs around the world, DNA authentication is becoming a standard in investigation procedures. Thus, Inks equipped with SigNature DNA markers are a form of legal, forensic evidence that is accepted by courts globally. Any cash stolen is stained with DNA, any criminals who come into contact with the cash are also stained with the DNA. This is a significant deterrent to criminals, as they stand a far greater chance of being convicted if they attempt a robbery where DNA is used as part of the cash degradation system.

  Other non-forensic Frontline systems  Forensic
 Primary attributes  Secondary attributes  Tertiary attributes
Attributes are obviously visible. No tools or devices needed for identification. Attributes are obviously visible or hidden. Identification with simple tools or devices. Attributes are hidden or encrypted. Identification with complex technology: DNA Technology


SigNature® DNA: 100% Success Rate Linking Criminals to Cash

DNA is the most secure authentication system nature can create.

  • Custom-made botanical DNA markers for each bank or box or cassette
  • DNA marker persists, even after attempts to remove ink stains from notes
  • Authentication of DNA on stained banknotes, as well as on other forms of evidence recovered such as mobile phones, clothing, fabric, firearms and even skin
  • Expert witness reports and services for court cases
  • Police and customer support and training
  • 100% forensic authentication of recovered banknotes
  • Stolen banknotes recovered by the police can be fully verified at contracted forensic laboratories

This marker technology offers the possibility of infinite encodings (e.g. each cash protection box can possess its own encoding) and thus facilitates the retracing of a note to its origin and consequently to the criminal act.

100% Success Rate – Linking Criminals to Cash

  • 600 million items marked for brand protection
  • 100% identification
  • 41 police submissions authenticated in the last 15 months
  • 21 cases where the DNA marker was identified
  • 16 convictions obtained
  • 122 years of jail time for criminals convicted in cases where DNA tag was key evidence