Secure Cash Protection

This innovative deposit system protects not only your employees but also all cash payments.


The ultimate protection of your cash with VILLIGER Ink System.


Cash Handling Machine Markets


Good news for CIT

The main market for Cash in Transit is retail. Around 20 percentages consist of big retailers that rely on CIT services.
The remaining 80 percentages are retailers that handle cash in the old traditional way and this represents
a huge potential for CIT companies.  Handling the money on their own generates risks and disadvantages:
high personal risk, internal theft and high operational costs.
Proven Return On Investment

Experiences from Australia to the United States have already proven the ROI of first generation pay-in machines.
minipayIn, with the improved security, appealing design, data management and end-to-end features, makes the ROI unquestionable.
Acknowledge the changes

Intelligent dyeing systems that destroy the money when attacked take the risk from the cash.
Retailers don’t want weapons around their businesses. They look for a discrete but secure safety solution that fits their store’s design.
This is an excellent opportunity for CIT companies that want to acknowledge the changes:  no need for weapons and armoured cars.
minipayIn is smart and cost effective solution. It does not only counts and validates the notes but it also allows for transmission
of all transaction to retail and CIT control centres.
There are three options available for the secure CIT cash collection:

Ink protected cassette may be transported end-to-end with security trolley and car rack.
The cassette is being used with specially developed VILLIGER Seal Bag, which combines advantages of traditional safe bag with intelligent
cash logistic function thanks to the RFID chip. With VILLIGER Seal Bag CIT may use its normal transport cases or cost effective VILLIGER Drop Case System.
The last option is to empty cassette and put the money into a safe bag that will be picked up by CIT and brought directly to the bank or night safe.
The biggest part of the retail market is addressed by pay-in machines and forms a huge „green field“ potential for machine sellers and the CIT industry.

The most innovative deposit machine

The VILLIGER minipayIn is the result of more than 25 years of experience in cash security solutions. It addresses concerns and needs of retailers and Cash in Transit companies around the world.
These are the main strategic advantages of minipayIn over other basic pay-in systems:


minipayIn  integrates all strategic aspects and succeeds where others fail.


minipayIn’s innovative design looks good in any retailer’s counter. This is where the cash cycle for the retailer begins and the minipayIn enhances their corporate identity.


Ink, DNA and intelligent security prevent attacks effectively. The retailer has improved cash security and continual visibility how much cash is in store. Also exposure to internal manipulation and criminal attack is reduced.


The embedded system and software are built according to highest and precise standards as in medical systems. Open interfaces and RFID ensure seamless integration to any control system.


minipayIn exclusive Seal Bag and the VILLIGER Drop Case are key elements to optimize processes of the whole cash cycle. They contribute to reducing CIT costs and improving the data transparency.


Economy drives all the changes in the modern world. That’s why the whole minipayIn’s concept focuses on bringing significant profitability to all stakeholders.
minipayIn integrates all strategic aspects and succeeds where others fail.


Client’s benefits

  • Allows for immediate control the cash intake through GSM communication- SMS Reports.
  • Daily reports of all activities.
  • Reduction of the operating costs through automatised cash counting.
  • Cash protection from internal thefts through employees‘ cash deposit registration.
  • Counterfeit recognition.
  • Effective robbery protection.
  • Risk reduction especially on night robberies.
  • Possibility of online bank connection.
  • Note reader certified by European Central Bank (ECB).
  • Net protection available.
  • Cassette with VILLIGER Ink System (for 1200 Banknotes).
  • Ergonomical size.
  • Modern design – can be installed at Point Of Sales (POS) or Back office.
  • Only authorised person has the access to cash cassette.

Product variations


With 1 single note feeder
For 1200 Notes

W 274 x D 450 x H 385 mm (outside)

Weight: approx. 40 kg


With 1 bundle note feeder
For 1200 Notes

W 274 x D 450 x H 385 mm (outside)

Weight: approx. 40 kg


With 2 single note feeders
For 2400 Notes

W 445 x D 450 x H 385 mm (outside)

Weight: approx. 56 kg
Option avalilable on request.


With 2 bundle note feeders
For 1200 Notes

W 445 x D 450 x H 385 mm (outside)

Weight: approx. 56 kg


Management Console

minipayIn Management Console


Management Console is responsible for the communication between minipayIn and external HQ (Management Center). One console can manage up to 60 minipayIn units per location.
Management Console is not necessary needed in single unit installation.

Console allows for: 

  • Reading out user information (audit)
  • User administration and control
  • End of a day reconciliation
  • SMS reports
  • Near field communication (NFC)

Console enables the managing of minipayIn in two ways with TCP/IP or GSM communication. Beside RFID connection and IR reader there is also a possibility of NFC (Near Field Communication)

VILLIGER Lock System

VILLIGER Lock System


minipayIn has a lock that may be opened by entering a code on the keypad or sending this code with an infrared handheld device. This code may be permanent or delivered via wireless by the CIT control centre just in time or on demand. 

minipayIn Seal Bag

minipayIn Seal Bag


Patented Seal Bag for exclusive use in VILLIGER minipayIn.

Seal Bag combines the advantages of traditional safe bag logistics with the intelligent cash logistics function realized with the on board RFID chip. With the VILLIGER Seal Bag CIT may use their normal transport cases or use the very cost effective VILLIGER Drop Case System.

Another option would be to empty the cash out of the cassette and fill it in a safe bag for CIT pick up or bring it directly to the bank or night safe.

The patented reusable VILLIGER Seal Bag for the MEI cassette is one of the key innovations of Peter Villiger.

MEI SCL Cassette with Ink Kit

MEI SCL Cassette with Ink Kit



The MEI SCL Cassette is the cassette inside the minipayIn. The VILLIGER Ink Kit provides additional and indispensable protection of the cassette. The cassette transfers all data (8GB memory). We recommend the use of the minipayIn Seal Bag inside the MEI SCL Cassette.