By outstanding product quality and life cycle management we offer a lifetime of +15 years with a failure rate of 0.45%

By looking for total cost of ownership. Pioneering for more than 30 years with ink staining for cash protection

ATM Security

VILLIGER has been using a single cash cassette communication system across all ATM manufacturers cassettes for many years to drive their security sys­tem at the ATM, in the cash in transit vehicle and back at the Cash center. This single communication system from VILLIGER resides in all their secure ATM cassettes. This has resulted in much interest from the software and hardware vendors in that it meets the requirements for a common ATM cassette communication platform without the need to replace complete ATM.


Cash In Transit Security

VILLIGER is your partner to ensure best-in-class risk protection for cash, securities and other valuables in cash logistics, because we develop and improve continuously our products further. CIT guards carry a big responsibility during their daily job. On top of this, the risk of an attack is always there. That‘s why security systems must be very easy to operate.


RETAIL Security

VILLIGER RETAIL PRODUCTS The Villiger Retail solution features the highest security level as well as being simple to locally install and easy to maintain. The ink modules and control units adapt to every cassette and become integrated attached or inside the existing cassettes.