Project Description

Smart Case 12 000

A trolley with ink staining technology – reliable, easy to transport, big and simple to operate

The Smart Case 12000 is a trolley with wheels equipped with the VILLIGER Ink Staining Technology for the transport cash. An efficient and easy to transport solution for CIT guards to eliminate the pavement risk, while transporting valuables. It allows a secure cash transport with a one-man operation.


  • Valuables are protected in case of theft or loss
  • Full protection from unauthorized opening – sabotage, break-in, cutting, drilling, heating, etc.
  • Combined opening – the guard alone cannot open the case
  • The guard cannot be blackmailed or threatened to open the case
  • Case is protected during vehicle transport and on pavement through indelible ink
  • Case it tracked via PDA


  • Case activates immediately at the scene of crime
  • No need to use guns or armoured vehicles
  • High savings on operational and insurance costs
  • High capacity – 12000 banknotes
  • Easy to transport
  • Induction charger
  • Solid PVC construction
  • Long lifespan of up to 15+ years
  • Low maintenance costs 5 to 8 year service interval
  • Simple to operate
  • Flexibility – can be adapted and programmed for any cash transport process or fitted to any vehicle


  • Sturdy PVC construction
  • Full frame protection
  • Various programmable timers
  • No mechanical locks – electronic keys only
  • Proximity sensor to guard
  • Ink module
  • 110db alarm siren

Ideal solution to eliminate pavement risk through a one-man operation – prevents crime and increases operational savings