The following is a list of international organizations in which Villiger Security Solutions AG officially participates.

ATMIA is the leading non-profit trade association representing the entire global ATM industry. ATMIA serves more than 11,000 members from over 650 companies located in 70 countries spanning the entire ATM ecosphere, including financial institutions, independent ATM deployers, equipment manufacturers, processors and a plethora of ATM service and value-added solution providers.

Link to Webpage: www.atmia.com

ESTA is the European Cash Management Companies Association. ESTA is the recognized voice of the industry ensuring that cash is safe, available and an efficient means of payment. The European Security Transport Association – ESTA is a non profit association which was established in Brussels in 1975. We represent the interests of the sector throughout Europe and count 90% of the European cash management companies as members.

Link to Webpage: www.esta-cash.eu

ALVARA Cash Management Group is a provider of software solutions to all players in the cash cycle to manage, automate and monitor cash management. ALVARA stands for protection and security in all processes in all payments. We develop tailor-made IT solutions and services for our customers for the integrated management of payment transactions, from the customer in the retail sector through the value-added service provider to the financial institution.

Link to Webpage: www.alvara.eu

Transforming how you share information
Communicating with your customers, partners and suppliers is a crucial part of business. But when you all have different processes and systems, even sharing straightforward information can be time-consuming and error-prone.
You need a common language. GS1 supply chain standards provide it.

New ways to save time and money
When everyone uses the same standards, it’s easier to get things done. Just imagine if we didn’t have a standard way to measure time or distance.
It’s the same with our supply chain standards. They define ways to store and transfer data so organizations can exchange information smoothly.
Supply chain standards save time and money by reducing administration and slashing paperwork. Largely unseen, yet tremendously important, GS1 standards ensure key processes run smoothly in some of the world’s biggest industries.

Link to Webpage: www.gs1.org