CashInfraPro (Cash Infrastructure Projects and Services GmbH)



VILLIGER Security works together with Cash InfraPro (Cash Infrastructure Projects and Services GmbH) who is a group of senior experts.
Each are with more than 20 years of international experience and worldwide recognition in cash cycle management projects.

With their background as executives in industry leading companies, they are familiar with strategies, methods and key factors crucial for your success and timely implementation with lasting effect.

Mr. Jens Eberhardt is one of our main partners who assists and consults together with Mr. Peter Villiger, by guiding our customers in their solution processes.
The teamwork of Mr. Peter Villiger & Mr. Jens Eberhardt goes back many years and are the perfect fit for your consultation on solutions.
They can advise you with more than 30 years of experience and knowhow.

Optimizing Cash Cycles

An effective cash cycle optimization considering the whole cash supply chain end-to-end:

  • Life cycle of banknotes and coins
  • Wholesale cycle: Logistics for Central Banks and Cash-in-Transit companies
  • Branch cycle: Logistics for ATMs, bank branches and retailers

New technologies in the cash industry, as well as adaptations of technical developments from industries outside the cash sector, open perspectives to standardize, digitalize and automate the cash cycle.
The objective is: optimizing cost of cash.

Cash InfraPro supports your organization with experienced teams for cash cycle management, technologies and operational improvement, focused on your specific project tasks.
Our approach optimizes your process productivity and offers you competitive advantages.

Typical projects are:


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