We are committed to maintain our most important values on every product and project we offer.

VILLIGER pursues a continuous improvement process for its product portfolio.
Overall aim is to improve the product development and production / delivery process to reach zero defects,
measured by default rate per product group during lifetime of minimum 15 years.


Implementation of new technologies requires often process changes to benefit from automation or higher security levels. Your business, processes and risks are specific. That‘s why first, we listen to you, second, we consult and finally, we find your appropriate solution.


Security is a combination of decisions to prevent any threat in an efficient and productive way. VILLIGER offers possibilities to offer prototyping at an affordable price to secure
efficiency and trust.


Your number of robberies (including internal theft) will dramatically drop. Insurance premium will be reduced and total cost of ownership is minimized. VILLIGER will always offer you the best possible ROI and TCO.