Since the founding of VILLIGER AG, Peter Villiger, the CEO has always put extensive efforts on the development of new solutions.
Through the consistent upgrades of the VILLIGER solutions, VILLIGER has become an industry leader in the arena of providing IBNS cash protection.


1988: Foundation of Villiger Security Solutions AG

Villiger Security Solutions AG located in Sins, Switzerland

VILLIGER SECURITY SOLUTIONS AG was founded by Peter Villiger in 1988.
Peter Villiger bought a Swiss company, already existing for 4 years on the market, which had produced security cash systems.
He is the only CEO in the industry who has this continuity and experience.
Peter‘s motivation is to reduce the number of attacks on cash transports to zero helping his customers to make profit.


1989: 1st Ink protected Security Case in the world

First Ink secured case in the world

Banknotes were mainly transported in jute bags, protected on transport by armed security staff.
VILLIGER started developing systems based on the principle of invalidating the money.
This was achieved using ink staining that is activated as soon as the case is attacked or opened by force.
In 1989 the first VILLIGER cash case with ink protection was launched in Switzerland.
It was the first security case with ink and safe bag ripper worldwide.
VILLIGER introduced the combination of ink and heat, allowing also the destruction of banknote bundles transported in bags.