Air Box V2.0

Reduce the risk of transporting valuable goods or money with the Airbox DNA protection

The Airbox is a trolley with wheels to carry money and valuables. It is equipped with the Villiger DNA Spray Technology and stands out as an efficient solution for CIT guards to lower pavement risk while carrying valuables. Includes a new lock control module with a wide range of programmable features.


  • Valuables are protected in case of theft
  • Full protection from unauthorized opening
  • The goods are protected through impregnation of an indelible DNA solution


  • Case activates immediately with cover opening
  • The DNA solution stays in the skin for several weeks and is impossible to remove from fabric
  • Criminals will become easily identified, standing as legal proof before a court of law
  • Increased safety for the guard transporting the valuables
  • High cargo capacity – 60 lts.
  • Easy to transport
  • Simple to operate
  • Versatility – fully programmable lock control module
  • All events registered in a log file
  • High savings on operational and insurance costs
  • Low maintenance costs



Best Return On Investment (ROI)

By looking for total cost of ownership. Pioneering for more than 30 years with ink staining for cash protection.


Ink Staining Security

Valuables are protected during vehicle transport and on pavement through indelible ink.


Total 360° Security

Full protection from unauthorized opening – sabotage, break-in, cutting, drilling, heating, etc.


Adaptive Security

Flexibility – the product can adapt to any process with quick settings. Time and security can be scaled to your needs.


Low Maintenance Cost

Long service intervals where customers technicians can be trained to perform local service within minutes.


Trace & Tracking

Every product has its internal trace to track its process. The log history provides insight to every movement the product has made.