Rack System

Safe storage inside the vehicle for your VCC Series cases

The Rack System allows docking the VILLIGER cases with induction charging and it can be fitted into any vehicle. The cases are docked inside the rack slots and the Rack System charges and keeps the cases secured. The modular construction allows several row/column combinations, according to the space available.


  • Valuables are protected in case of theft
  • Case is protected during vehicle transport
  • The cases are charged while docked



  • Secure and space saving storage for cases
  • Modular construction – adapts to any vehicle
  • No need to use guns or armoured vehicles
  • High savings on operational and insurance costs
  • Reduction of repeated robberies
  • Solid aluminium construction
  • Long lifespan of up to 15 years
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to operate





Best Return On Investment (ROI)

By looking for total cost of ownership. Pioneering for more than 30 years with ink staining for cash protection.


Ink Staining Security

Valuables are protected during vehicle transport and on pavement through indelible ink.


Total 360° Security

Full protection from unauthorized opening – sabotage, break-in, cutting, drilling, heating, etc.


Adaptive Security

Flexibility – the product can adapt to any process with quick settings. Time and security can be scaled to your needs.


Low Maintenance Cost

Long service intervals where customers technicians can be trained to perform local service within minutes.


Trace & Tracking

Every product has its internal trace to track its process. The log history provides insight to every movement the product has made.