What does refurbished mean?
Literal “refurbish” means “renovate”. At Villiger there is a large selection of refurbished products. This means that we thoroughly check every product, repair parts if necessary and bring the device back into excellent new condition. It is worth buying a device from Villiger, because it is like buying a new device with a proven long life span.

Refurbished Villiger Products
Anyone who decides to buy a product from Villiger refurbished is making the right decision. Villiger offers a large number of refurbished products at a fair price. Our highest priority is maintaining the premium quality of our devices. In addition, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • The best quality.
  • The best prices.
  • Ordered today, delivered quickly.

At Villiger you get refurbished premium quality products.
You not only get a device of the best quality, but you are also sustainable and support the environment!

What is a refurbished Villiger Product?
That question might be the first thing that comes to mind. A general definition of refurbished, or refurbished, equipment is that which, without being new, meets the conditions necessary to be resold. When buying any of these devices, it is very important that they are of several types in general:

A refurbished Villiger Product is a product that was sold to Villiger when a customer replaced them with new Villiger solutions. Villiger himself serviced these products for new sales. This type of equipment carries a lower risk, as these products have proven their function and quality for several years on the field. In general, these products offer again a product life of 15+ years.

A Villiger product is not second-hand
Villiger offers many refurbished products. Of course, these are not brand new, but they are not second-hand products. The devices are fully checked and fitted with a new battery, staining ink, programmed for the new customer or other component. In addition, all products include deep cleansing and the latest updates. Offering products which have still the compatibility with our newest Villiger software.

You always get a high-quality refurbished device. Our A-Class products show almost no signs of wear and look like new again. Above all, all products are technically 100% in order. In addition, our refurbished products are always equipped with high-quality Villiger parts, so you can be sure that you are receiving premium quality and support for the next 15 years.

Refurbishing promotes waste avoidance and conserves resources
Villiger’s refurbished products are only available certified and in the highest quality. Completely new devices with little to no signs of use. So, if you are looking for inexpensive products to expand or start a new branch, or simply do not need a completely new device, Villiger is the right place for you.

Refurbishing also protects the environment, since reuse saves resources. Furthermore, products that are marked as refurbished are usually checked, cleaned and tested several times. This is an aspect that indicates a good quality of the product. Probably the biggest advantage of refurbishing products, however, is the price. Customers and entrepreneurs can save up to half of the new price without having to cope with quality losses in most cases.

Refurbished Villiger Cash Case 270 (VCC270)
A refurbished Villiger Cash Case 270 is great. You are getting one of the best security cases in the world and it’s cheaper than a new one. What more is there to want?
A sustainable society?
Since you can use a Refurbished Villiger Cash Case 270 for many years to come, you are contributing to a more sustainable society! These Cases can even be restored multiple times and are the best option for expanding branches in new areas.

VILLIGER Drop Case V4.0
Would you like to buy a refurbished Drop Case V4.0? Then you are making a very good choice, because who doesn’t want the best iconic collection system for little price. We have the popular Drop Case V4.0 on stock for you. A product with years of experience and the most popular system for multiple small collections with one system.