Retail Solutions

Villiger Retail Solutions

The Villiger Retail Solution features the highest security level as well as being simple to locally install and easy to maintain. The ink modules and control units adapt to every cassette and become integrated attached or inside the existing cassettes.


Villiger co-operation with GLORY LTD.

Villiger co-operates with GLORY LTD. in a strong and efficient partnership. Villiger provides exclusive IBNS systems for GLORY LTD. products to protect Retail Solutions world wide. Villiger most recent, GLORY LTD. Solutions, includes CASHINFINITY as their new launching system in 2017. GLORY group, headquartered in Japan, is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of cash handling machines and systems. In an effort to meet the wide-ranging needs of society, GLORY serves the financial, retail, CIT and gaming industries in over 80 countries of world.