Quality Management

Quality Guidelines

VILLIGER has a product range of over 200-articles for close to 40 systems. To get quality assurance the current product range continues to meet the practical needs of our clients, an on-going dialog between the users of VILLIGER systems and products is vital.

The company’s quality standards are defined and actively supported by the company management. They are therefore binding for all areas of our business. They are the guidelines for all levels of the company. Each staff member is responsible for the quality of the work they do. It is their responsibility to adhere to the proscribed instructions and guidelines in such a way that these requirements are fully met.

To ensure this, methods, processes and production equipment are used which match today’s scientific and technological knowledge. All stages of product development and production are carefully planned, taking norms and legal requirements into account, and in accordance with our guidelines.

Skilled, motivated and highly qualified staff carries out the tasks necessary in all areas of our business. The quality of our products and all our services is achieved by planning all the necessary steps before and during the completion of orders as well as by a systematic monitoring of all processes involved in the making of our products.


Quality Assurance for production process

The guidelines are valid for all steps within production incl. component suppliers. The overall target is to assure 0,0% default rate in each production step. Starting with quality meetings and checks at site of component suppliers, VILLIGER controls the parts also at warehouse inbound, including an intensive control for all function-critical products, e.g. batteries.

Within assembly process a quality and function check is in place for each module and for the final product by 100%. The final product testing simulates the customer set-up in operations. The complete testing results are recorded, for the product and all components and modules, so in case of further defaults during lifetime VILLIGER is able to trace back the source of error.


Quality Commitments

VILLIGER products are designed for a lifetime of more than 10 years, and VILLIGER is able to assure a lifetime warranty in combination of preventive service by VILLIGER.

Protection of the environment is part of VILLIGER commitment to the future. It is our goal to use only materials of the same sort so that the materials in obsolete products can be recycled easily.


Cost advantages for VILLIGER customers

Nowadays Villiger achieves product default rate of less than 1% for main product groups, this results in a cost advantage for VILLIGER customers regarding a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation. The analysis shows the TCO over 10 years for two products, product 1 with a default rate of 1% vs. product 2 with a rate of 9%.

The TCO advantage for product 1 (blue line comparable with VILLIGER product) will be 30% after 5 years, and 50% after 10 years lifetime in comparison to product 2 (red line)[1]. The other way around, the initial investment for product 2 should be 50% cheaper than product 1 to compensate the disadvantage over next 10 years lifetime. In comparison to a product with also recognized default rate of 15% the advantage of a best in class product compensate the full product expense of 100% over 10 years.


By outstanding product quality and
life cycle management we offer a
lifetime of +15 years with a
failure rate of 0.45 %


By looking for total cost of
ownership. Pioneering for more
than 30 years with ink staining
for cash protection


To protect cash during cash cycle
with an E2E solution for CiTs,
Banks, ATMs, Cash Center
and retail stores